What is Serviced Apartments?

Serviced Apartments are hotel like accommodations that are fully furnished, available for foreigners to start living with just a suitcase.Demand for service apartments have increased, due to recent global company's business trips, assignments and human resources development projects.Taisei Housy's Housing Consultant Service, will introduce in a neutral position the major serviced apartments in Tokyo. (Including unpublished properties)

Comparison of Hotel and Serviced Apartments

  Serviced Apartments HOTEL
Contract Term 1-12 months From 1 day
Specification of the Room Washing machine, refrigerator, microwave oven, vacuum cleaner, tableware and kitchen appliances, to facilitate life for a few months. Self-cooking brings daily dining without anxiety. Pay TV, compact refrigerator, no kitchen appliances. Laundry service. Dining common at restaurants and room service.
Service Features Utilities, maid service once or twice a week, are generally included in the rent. Many have dry cleaning and front concierge service. Customers are 70% foreigners from global corporations that use the apartments for short term assignments. Place an emphasis on hospitality. Everyday linen change, and commercial facilities like restaurants, fitness gym, esthetic salons and bars bring high entertainment.
Rent 1sq.m/10,000 yen is the current market price. A typical 20sqm 1K type will be 200,000 yen/month (Standard 6,666 yen / day). Some separately require deposit and cleaning fee upon vacancy. Rental fee is charged per room and not per person. Chosen as the accomodation for residence. Rent per day is 2 to 3 times as much as serviced apartments when compared with the size of the room. However, hotel might be a better choice when staying for only a few days because of its service and hospitality.
Size 20㎡~120㎡ (in general) 12㎡~60㎡ (in general)
Floor Plan Studio ~ 3 Bedrooms (in general) Studio ~ 1 Bedroom (in general)
Type of Contract Fixed term lease contract Accomodation clause, Regulations
Tenant / Removals Tenants Send me room key from the key box or front-desk. Check-in at the front desk, check-out
Contract Procedure Submit application form → owner assessment → concluding contract → payment → move-in Reservation by internet/ telephone and check-in at the front desk.
Move-in / Move out Move-in: Receive keys from the front desk or key box.
Move-out: Return keys to the font desk, key box or mail box
Receive and return room keys at the front desk.
Payment Method Bank transfer or credit card payment before move-in Credit card or cash payment at the front desk.