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Relocation Service

Due to globalization, it is common that Japanese companies send their employees to work abroad. On the other hand, in order to understand foreign markets, Japanese companies need to understand the culture of foreign countries to plan smoothly their corporate strategy. Thus, there has been an increase of foreign workers being invited to work in Japan by Japanese companies.

However, in order to provide support for employees coming to Japan from abroad, it is necessary to have a mastery of complicated international procedures, cultural differences, and knowledge of real estate and laws regarding the Immigration Control Act of Japan. A company's HR Department may not have detailed knowledge about these things, so they may not be able to meticulously perform the necessary procedures. As a result, even if a company hires highly-qualified employees coming from other countries, these employees may encounter difficulties outside of their business that can affect their job performance.

TAISEI HOUSY has been engaged in the real estate business for nearly 30 years and will leverage its accumulated experience in rental mediation, corporate housing management, and property management, in order to provide comprehensive relocation services for foreign employees in this age of rapid global business expansion. We will provide services to fulfill the needs of our customers, from corporate assignees, and diplomats moving to Japan, to make them start living without worries. We will introduce accommodations best suited to their needs and will certainly provide support during their stay. On behalf of the HR department, we will perform complicated procedures tailored to their requests.

About Rental Furniture

To have the assignees start their lives immediately, we also introduce furniture rental together with accomodations that will meet the needs of our customers. By request, we can also arrange the rental fee to be included in the rent as one quote. We can provide a variety of excellent furniture, that even foreigners can handle without hesitation. Temporary usage is also available without anxiety, because of the rental low cost

Corporate Housing Management

TAISEI HOUSY's Corporate Housing Management Service system (ANSWER) caters to various types of demands regarding corporate housing and resolves any issue.

One Point of Contact
On behalf of the person in charge, our company's dedicated staff will be the contact person for all affairs ranging from corporate housing mediation to issues during accommodation.
Reduction and Streamlining of Administrative Work
By engaging in the overall corporate housing management on behalfof the company, we can integrate payments and withdrawals and centralize the business.
Increase Specialization / Simplification of Operations
On behalf of your company, our dedicated staff with accumulated experience and specialized know-how, will perform the necessary duties from implementation of corporate housing standards to contract management and operations regarding termination and settlement.
Decrease in Administrative Costs
Our company can help reduce total cost, by reducing labor costs involved in management of corporate housing, reducing communication expenses and expenses in office consumables, and minimizing costs to restore the property in its original state at the time of cancellation.

General Information on Services Apartments. Monthly Apartments

We have the best selection of more than 10,000 units of serviced apartments and monthly apartments located in Tokyo, that we can offer to our customers to suit their budget, length of stay and location requirements.
We have units with furnished hotel-like rooms, equipped with reception and gym. We can fulfill your requirements for residence regarding, size, location, suburbs of Tokyo, route designation, vicinity of nearby shopping centers, and others.
We also have many unlisted properties; and all you have to do is to inquire with our experienced housing consultants to promptly assist you in looking for a property.

* We will simplify procedures and perform contract and payment services of the property on your behalf, to reduce the complicated business related to housing arrangements.

About Rental Accomodations

We can offer long-term rental housing to our customers who are planning to stay for long term. It will be the starting point of your life, making it a very important decision that can affect the job performance of the assignee. Our professional staff at TAISEI HOUSY can showcase accommodations that will match the conditions and family needs that you require. Our staff can also give advice regarding the residential environment.
We can offer accommodation catering to all your needs, such as furnished apartments, availability of parking lot, pets, availability of reception and gym, and size specifications. For location wise, vicinity of international schools, suburbs of Tokyo, route designation, vicinity of nearby shopping centers, and other requirements. In addition, we also perform the necessary arrangements regarding contract work.