For Owners

For Owners who wish to rent out their properties

A Proposal by Taisei Housy’s International Section, to owners owning high class apartments and houses mainly in central Tokyo.

We will widely answer our customer’s requests through our Network of Nationwide Rental Accommodations, Rental Property Information Site “Chintai Housy, Housy Rent”, our regionally rooted 41 direct offices, 13 group companies and 1,800 supporting companies.

Rental Accommodations

By our mutual strength, we are well informed of the newest market, and will be able to propose adequate rent assessment, to an effective utilization of your real estate assets. Leave it to us from, Tenant Recruiting, Tenant Examination, Tenant Support, and Property Management. As No. 1 in the numbers of managing properties, Taisei Housy Co. Ltd. will prepare a service menu that will fit your requirements.

  • Rent Assessment
  • Institute a target and recruiting by the set target
  • Tenant Examination, Contract Closure
  • Tenancy Management, Property Management

We will support your requests totally.

Tenant Recruiting

Tenant recruiting can be handled by owners, but by leaving it to specialists, it is said that tenants can be found faster. It is important to decide on which company to rely on for Tenant Recruiting, in order to shorten the vacancy period and effectively manage Rental Accommodation Business.

Taisei Housy’s Tenant Recruiting System

As No. 1 in the number of requests to find corporate housings, we have a network ready to introduce excellent tenants. We will speedily handle, Publicizing, Advertising, Application Receipt, Examination, and Contract Formalities, to ensure a high quality tenants.

We propose handling of the above and to guarantee vacant properties by a system of sublease. Taisei Housy’s “Tenancy Management, Property Management System” will support owner’s stable Rental Accommodation Business.

A system can be selected with the customer’s requirements.

Taisei Housy’s Pride for the three Number Ones.

No. 1 in the number of requests to find corporate housings No.1 in the number of managing properties No. 1 in to start Corporate Housing Management

We will be waiting for your Inquiry.

Taisei Housy Co. Ltd. strictly enforces the Privacy Policy and secrecy. Please feel free to contact us.

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