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1Alteration or Halt of Contents

This website (hereinafter called “This Website”) is managed by Taisei Housy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called “the Company”). The company may change or halt the contents of This Website without prior announcement. The company will not be held responsible for any inconvenience or damage caused by such change or halt of the contents.


Copyright of the contents belongs to either the Company or to the other companies and organizations that have granted the use of these contents, and it is protected by Japanese laws and international treaties. To utilize, borrow, reprint, put on the other site without the prior consent of the Company is strictly prohibited by the copyright related laws of Japan and oversea, and might lead to a claim of compensation.


The staff of the Company tries to keep the contents of This Website to be correct and updated, but the Company does not guarantee the accuracy or the information, and shall not be held responsible for the damage or inconveniences incurred by the use of This Website.

4.Property Information

We try to keep the floor plan on this Website always updated, but in case it is different from the actual condition, it is to be understood that the actual condition precedes the floor plan shown on this website and that the floor plan should be read accordingly. We would also ask you to understand that in spite of our effort to keep the occupancy status, the rent and other charges shown on this website to be accurate and updated, still some data might be outdated and already changed on account of delay of communication.

5.Use of Cookies

Cookies are enabled on our website, but you are free to disable them on your browser, though in this case some programs may not function properly or you may not use some part of this website.

6.Links to Third Parties' Websites

There may be some links from this website to the third party’s website, but we do not guarantee their creditability and/or the accuracy, and the Company shall not be held responsible for any damage or inconvenience incurred by the use of such links. We would also decline any links to this website from such third party that aims to disturb this website with or without malignant intention, that are harmful to the welfare of the society, or that are of anti-social nature.

This Terms of Use is the translation of its Japanese version made available here for your reference only, and every stipulation shall be construed based upon its original Japanese text.