Timeline and the flow of contract

Flow of up to contract with time to ensure the property

We suggest you start house hunting at least 2 weeks before the desired move-in date. It is difficult to secure 8 weeks before the move-in date, except properties under renovation or properties that are allowed to see that are still occupied by tenants. At least one full day should be spent for the preview. If you have additional requests, it will take about one week.

  1. Preview Tour

    We will take you to a preview tour to the properties that you wish to see. Please check the floor plan, facilities, etc. and ask our agents if you have further question. A second visit to a property is also available.

  2. Application

    After deciding on a property, application form is required to show the owner that you intend to rent the apartment. Then, the agent will negotiate with the owner to adjust the conditions.

  3. Contract

    Lease agreement is concluded at the time of mutual agreement for the conditions (rent, deposit, etc.). Our agent will confirm the draft in advance, and then hand it to both the lessor and lessee to confirm the contents. The contract will not be sealed until contents have been adjusted and the lessor and lessee come to firm agreement with the terms.

  4. Moving/ Settling in

    Please feel free to ask us about the moving company and the moving date. Upon move-in day, our agent will be there to help you check and record the conditions of the property and facilities. These records are used to compare the damage when moving out, to justify the restoration cost. We are happy to serve other miscellaneous duties with full care, so don't hesitate to call us.

For most expatriate–grade properties the lease agreement will be drafted in Japanese and English, with the Japanese version controlling.

Necessary Cost

Rent Paid monthly in advance to the owner. A late fee may be exacted if rent is overdue. Payment of first and next month’s rent is generally required upon initiation of the lease.
Deposit All properties in Japan require a deposit. The size of the deposit may vary from two month’s rent to four to six months rent for expatriate grade properties. The deposit is “technically” refundable. In most cases, a portion of the deposit is deducted to pay for restoration of the property when the tenant leaves. Restoration costs can be greatly minimized by careful maintenance of the property.
Key Money Sometimes called “thank you” money. A sum generally equivalent to two month’s rent and paid to the owner at the initiation of the lease. It is not refundable.
Management Fee A monthly fee for general building maintenance and, possible to defer with the cost of an on-site building manager.
Agent Fee Industry standard provides for one month’s rent (including tax) to be paid to the real estate agent as commission.

Type of Lease Agreements (Contract)

  1. Normal Lease (Renewal OK)

    Usually it is a 2 years contract. Sometimes renewal fee arises at the time of agreement renewal.

  2. Fixed Term Lease

The rental agreement terminates on the expiry date of the agreement. The agreement can be re-contracted only if both the Lessee and Lessor agrees.