Privacy Policy

Basic Principle

Holding a large amount of personal information, Taisei Housy Co., Ltd (hereinafter "Company") considers it is our major social responsibility to protect the personal information and gain confidence. In conformity with JISQ15001(2017) the Company implemented a management system for the protection of the personal information, deeming it as the most important factor in our corporate management, and every member of the Company, including the directors, endeavors to protect the personal information. The Company abides by the laws and regulations pertaining to the protection of the personal information, and holds the following policy as required to practice as a corporate body that handles the personal information.

  1. In handling the personal information the Company clearly shows its purpose, gather such information with the appropriate means and utilizes it while keeping it accurate and updated. The Company never utilizes nor gives to a third party such personal information beyond the scope of its utilization purposes. For this object the Company would periodically practice operations on education of employees and inspection on the policy.
  2. The Company would abide by the laws pertaining to the protection of the private information, such policies and regulations as are determined by the Government. Also the Company would adjust its internal codes on the protection of the personal information to meet with the provisions of laws and policies as determined by the Government.
  3. In order to secure the accuracy as well as the security of the personal information, the Company takes such measures as control of access to the personal information, limitation of means to take out the personal information, blocking of illegal access from outside, and endeavors to avoid its leakage, loss or damage.
  4. The Company stipulates the procedure to handle the claims or consultations pertaining to the protection of the personal information, and gets ready a consultation desk thereof. Also the Company designates Japan Institute for Promotion of Digital Economy and Community, a certified personal information protection organization to which the Company belongs, as a body to receive complaints and inquiries, thus enabling to deal with the operation quickly and with sincerity.
  5. The Company will keep improving its Personal Information Protection Management System ("PMS") with the aim to effectively practice such privacy protection operation as requested by the general public.

Our policy for handling personal information

The Company will endeavor to proceed with the protection of personal information in line with its Basic Principle. The Company abides by the following points as responsible corporate body to handle personal information.

1.Personal Information that the Company handles

Personal information the Company has already acquired or utilized or shall heretofore acquire or utilize is as follows.

  1. Such personal information as addresses, names , telephone numbers, conditions for operation (including those after signing the contract), that the Company acquires in the course of such operations as corporate housing, management of offices, shops, warehouses, parking lots, etc., lease intermediation, sale of land, condominiums or houses, leasing of properties (condominiums, apartments, houses), management of condominiums, remodeling of houses, life and non-life insurance agency business, various communications from clients, and other business activities (hereinafter "Business Operation of the Company")
  2. Such personal information as addresses, names, telephone numbers, information on real estate properties held by these persons (including information at time of signing contracts) as the Company acquires from the documents in the course of business operation.
  3. Such personal information that was appropriately obtained from sources made public as copy of the registration, location map, application of building certification,
  4. Such personal information obtained from REINS (Real Estate Information Network System, a computer network system on real estate properties) which is operated by Real Estate Information Foundation certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation.
  5. Personal information on the personnel of the Company (including directors, temporary staff and not limited to employees), applicants to the recruiting offer, and those who have left the Company)
  6. Personal information on the shareholders of the Company.
2.Purpose of utilization of personal information

The purposes of utilization of persona information the Company handles are as follows.

  1. Contract making operation, supporting operation for such contracts, supply of rental properties information, data management, monthly report making, bank transfer of rents, notification, advertisement, evaluation for pricing, creation of material for pricing evaluation and property research, execution of contract, contract management, referral to rent guarantee company, to suppliers and researchers of personal credit information, operation for life and non-life insurance agency business such as offering insurance products and services, concluding/ maintaining/ managing contracts, and other services related to insurance company operations.
    ※Our company is an agent for the insurance companies listed below.
    The privacy policy for each insurance company is written in their websites.
  2. Introductive information on the newly constructed or existing properties, on consulting service regarding replacement and/or sale of properties, business offers on rental properties management or remodeling, dispatch by post of introductive information regarding sale of residential properties handled by the partner companies, supply of information or services by e-mail, marketing activities, passing around of questionnaires. Utilization of personal information for purposes as written above can be suspended if so requested by the clients.
  3. Analysis of customer trend, or analytical research for development of new product.
  4. Some operations may be entrusted to outer sources within the scope of above-mentioned utilization purposes, and in such cases the partners to entrust are to be selected according to the standard of the Company.
  5. As for utilization of personal information on the employees of the Company, such as personnel allocation, personnel management like job transfer, office regulations, operational management of regulatory measures as defined in management-labor agreement, practice of human resources cultivation, self-cultivation program, personnel education program, attendance management and authentication, calculation of salary and bonus, payment and deduction management, operational management of social insurances, operation of tax deduction and social welfare, medical checkup and hygiene control program, gate access control, documentation, job management, notification, legal procedures as defined by laws.
  6. As for personal information on job applicants, the Company utilizes it for notification or communication (telephone, post, email), supply of various information to the applicants, supporting operation for adoption judgment, research and analytical operation for such adoption judgment, and others pertaining to related operations.
  7. As for the personal information on the retirees or resignees the Company utilizes it in case it became necessary to communicate with such retiree or resignee, dispatch of information to them, management of information on the records concerning their attendance, remunerations, health checkup results, response to various inquiries concerning social insurances, execution of procedures defined by laws, and other purposes within the scope of necessity for the execution of the task required of the Company.
  8. As for the personal information on the shareholders, the Company utilizes it for the execution of rights, fulfillment of obligations, supply of various benefits such as special benefit program for shareholders, practice of measures towards them (e.g. passing around of questionnaires), management of shareholders (shareholders data compilation)
  9. The Company responds without delay to the request given to the company directly by the individual as to the purpose of utilization of personal information that could identify such individual.
3.Supply of personal information to the third party

The Company does not supply the personal information it acquired to the third party excepting the following cases.

  1. In case the Company has been given a prior consent from the interested party itself
  2. In case of outsourcing within the scope necessity to attain the objective of its utilization
  3. In case it is authorized by the law.
  4. In case it is necessary for the protection of lives, bodies or properties while it is difficult to get the prior consent.
  5. In case it is necessary for the improvement of public health or for the healthy development of children, while it is difficult of get the prior consent.
  6. In case it is necessary to cooperate with the organization of the state or local government while acquisition of prior consent could affect the execution of such operation.
4. Procedure of requesting the disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, abstention of utilization or of supply to the third party

As to the personal information held by the Company, it meets with the request of the interested party itself or of its proxy as to its disclosure or other handlings of personal information, but only within the reasonable scope and term.

  1. Personal Information Request Form (Disclosure, etc.) (PDF)Opening a pdf file

    ※Click the Link (above), download Request Form, print out and fill it in.
    ※You need Adobe Reader to see PDF files.

  2. Documents for identification
    A. In case of principal
    1. Identification:
    ・a copy of identification document such as the driver' s license, pension book, health insurance certificate, passport, etc.
    B. In case of a proxy,
    In addition to the documents mentioned in A above, kindly add the following.
    1. Document such as the driver's license, pension book, health insurance certificate, passport, etc.
    2. Proxy confirmation document:
    ・parental authority: one piece of family register, a residence certificate
    ・guardian of minor: family register or the court decision of designation
    ・guardian of adult: a copy of the court decision of designation or of the certificate of guardianship registration
    ・voluntary proxy: letter of proxy (Date of issue, addresses, names of the mandator and the mandatory, seal of the mandatory, and the seal registration certificate)

    ※ Kindly erase such subtle information as the registered permanent address in case it is printed on the identification document.

  3. Fee and charging method for the request of disclosure

    ¥900 per application. Enclose ¥900 equivalent of postal stamp with the application form.

    ※ In case the enclosed amount was not sufficient, then we shall notify to that effect. However in this case we shall handle the application as the request was not made.

  4. Replying method to the request of disclosure
  5. Purpose of utilizing the personal information as obtained in connection with the request of disclosure.

    The Company handles such personal information as acquired in relation to the request of disclosure only within the necessary scope of such execution of the request, and the documents produced to the Company are to be disposed of after they are held for a period as defined by regulation of the Company upon execution of such request of disclosure.

  6. Reason of non-disclosure of personal information

In cases as defined below, the personal information shall not be disclosed, and when such decision of non-disclosure was made the Company shall notify it specifying its reason.

・When there is a discrepancy among the address on the application, the address on the document for identification and the address registered at the Company, and the Company cannot ascertain the identity.
・When we cannot confirm the power of attorney as to the application made by a proxy.
・When there is deficiency as to the application document.
・When there is a risk of endangering the life, body, property or other rights or benefits of the principal or of a third party.
・When it leads to a violation of laws.

5. Controller of Personal Information Protection Procedure

Officer in charge of PMS

6. Inquiry Section concerning the handling of Personal Information

As to inquiries concerning the handling of personal information of the Company, kindly contact the following section. We would ask you to kindly understand that we cannot receive any kind of action by visiting our office directly.

<Inquiry Section>
General Affairs Section Taisei Housy Co., Ltd.
〒151-0051 Minami Shinjuku SK Building 6F
5-32-10 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

7. The name of the Approved Personal Information Protection Organization to which the Company belongs, and the Claims Filing Section
  1. Name of the Approved Personal Information Protection Organization

    Japan Institute for Promotion of Digital Economy and Community (JIPDEC)

  2. Claims Filing Section

    Privacy Mark Promotion Center, Claim Filing and Consultation Room for Personal Information Protection
    <address> 〒105-0011 Kikai Shinko Kaikan, 3-5-8 Shiba Koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo

8. Nota Bene

In case the Company has supplied ID and Password, the management of such ID or Password shall be made by the customer. Any damage caused by illegal use of ID or Password cannot be compensated by the Company.

About Privacy Mark

The Company has been given the approval of use of Privacy Mark from Japan Institute for Promotion of Digital Economy and Community (JIPDEC). Privacy Mark is allowed to such business body that has already set a system to protect the personal information in conformity with JISQ15001 "Required matters of Compliance Program of Personal Information Protection.

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