Corporate Housing Management Service System "ANSWER"

TAISEI HOUSY’s Corporate Housing Management Service system (ANSWER) caters to various types of demands, regarding corporate housing and resolves any issue.

One Point of Contact
On behalf of the person in charge, our company’s dedicated staff will be the contact person for all affairs ranging from corporate housing mediation to issues during accommodation.
Reduction and Streamlining of Administrative Work
By engaging in the overall corporate housing management on behalf of the company, we can integrate payments and withdrawals and centralize the business.
Increase Specialization / Simplification of Operations
On behalf of your company, our dedicated staff with accumulated experience and specialized know-how, will perform the necessary duties from implementation of corporate housing standards to contract management and operations regarding termination and settlement.
Decrease in Administrative Costs
Our company can help reduce total cost, by reducing labor costs involved in management of corporate housing, reducing communication expenses and expenses in office consumables, and minimizing costs to restore the property in its original state at the time of cancellation.