Rental Furniture

To have the assignees start their lives immediately, we also introduce furniture rental together with accomodations that will meet the needs of our customers. By request, we can also arrange the rental fee to be included in the rent as one quote. We can provide a variety of excellent furniture, that even foreigners can handle without hesitation. Temporary usage is also available without anxiety, because of the rental low cost.

Example 3 Bedroom 125㎡
Commodity content

Lease paymentsMonthly fee/tax not included
6 Months 230,000 Yen~
12 Months 115,000 Yen~
24 Months 75,000 Yen~
36 Months 60,000 Yen~
* The fee is a monthly standard fee excluding tax.
* Depending on the condition of the furniture stock, the fee may possibly fluctuate.
* Please feel free to contact us to make estimates upon customer’s requirements.