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The biggest terminal station in Japan where you can enjoy diverse lifestyles.

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Area Introduction

SHINJUKU, one of the biggest terminal stations in Japan, and its surrounding areas are attractive due to the convenient transportation. More than 10 train lines in SHINJUKU will easily take you to your destination. In addition, SHINJUKU has a variety of faces such as “miscellaneous downtown", "sophisticated office buildings" and "large park filled with greenery", as if to symbolize the city of Tokyo where many cultures around the world blend. It is one of SHINJUKU’s advantages that you can take pleasure in every respect. High-rise condominiums are common in SHINJUKU for living.

ICHIGAYA is a calm area which is in 5-minutes distance from Shinjuku Station by train. The famous "Tokyo Imperial Palace" and "Yasukuni Shrine" are located in this area. In the spring, many places in ICHIGAYA will be covered by the beautiful cherry blossoms which will surely delight your eyes when walking or cycling. Because ICHIGAYA lies near the center of Tokyo, we can say that it is a livable city especially for a person who uses bicycle for transportation.

On the other hand, KAGURAZAKA (also known as USHIGOME KAGURAZAKA) which is approximately 10-minutes distance from SHINJUKU by train, is a town that has friendly and lively atmosphere with alleys remaining since Edo Period. There is a shopping street with contemporary cafes, nice restaurants and fashionable stores. At the same time you can also enjoy the traditional Shitamachi life of Tokyo.


  • Shinjuku: For singles or families with their children going to Korean school.
  • Ichigaya: For families with their children going to French school or people wishing to stay near French community.

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